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Power failure self starting 12KW diesel generator set price

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price of box type 12KW silent diesel generator daze power diesel generator quotation generator has the advantages of reliable start-up and operation, good power generation quality, light weight, small volume, simple maintenance, low-frequency noise and so on. Break the tradition that radical generators use one kind of fuel as power. Recommended reason: gas-fired generator sets are new generator sets developed to meet the requirements of world environmental protection and the new market environment. The gas generator set has a wide range of output power. Gasoline and natural gas can be used, with better selectivity. Unique design, plus a closed mute cover, less noise, using four-wheel cart style, movable, easy to move, convenient for storage. Uses: household lighting, experimental use, office emergency, store emergency, supermarket emergency, field tourism, engineering emergency, outdoor emergency small gasoline generator, mobile power station emergency gasoline generator, communication machine room

III. after sales service

this will also guide the market to further product innovation and material development

1. The installation site should be well ventilated, with sufficient air inlets at the generator end and good air outlets at the diesel engine end. The area of air outlet shall be more than 1.5 times that of water tank

generally, daze power will be installed on the door. Operate according to customers' needs, but small generator sets generally do not need to be installed. We all leave the factory after debugging. Therefore, customers can use it with confidence. After the machine is received, our technicians will communicate with you and give you specific instructions to solve your doubts. As long as the machine is operated according to the instructions, it will be fine for seven or eight years. I wish you a happy life! The following is a brief introduction to the six key points that should be paid attention to in the installation of diesel generator set first: the six key points that should be paid attention to in the installation of diesel generator set

2. The surrounding of the installation site should be kept clean, and items that can produce acidic, alkaline and other corrosive gases and vapors should be avoided nearby. Fire extinguishing devices shall be equipped if conditions permit

3. For indoor use, the smoke exhaust pipe must be connected to the outside, the pipe diameter must be ≥ the diameter of the smoke outlet pipe of the silencer, and the elbows of the connected pipe should not exceed 3 to ensure smooth smoke exhaust, and the pipe should be inclined downward to avoid rainwater injection; If the exhaust pipe is installed vertically, a rain cover must be installed

4. When the foundation adopts concrete, its levelness must be measured with a level ruler during installation to fix the unit on a horizontal foundation. There should be special shock pads or foot bolts between the unit and the foundation

5. The unit shell must have reliable protective grounding. For generators that need to have neutral point direct grounding, professionals must carry out neutral grounding and configure lightning protection devices. It is strictly prohibited to use the grounding device of mains power for neutral point direct grounding

6. Diesel generator and city 7. The two-way switch of transmission system inspection (electromechanical brush) of rubber tensile testing machine must be very reliable to prevent reverse power transmission. The wiring reliability of the two-way switch needs to be tested and approved by the local preparation for the next impact test by the power supply department

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