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Price of 190A single-phase diesel electric welding machine

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the cost of the hand push 190A single-phase diesel electric welding machine. The diesel electric welding machine can weld a variety of welding rods, which can be excellently implemented. The welding arc is stable, the splash is small, and the hand feel is delicate and fluent. The multi power generation efficiency equipped with fuel-saving solenoid valve and welding machine is 10% energy-saving compared with other brand equipment, and the operation cost is more competitive.

1. Before using, you must carefully check whether each part of the welding machine is damaged.

2. For new welding machines or If the unused welding machine is used for a long time, the insulation resistance must be measured before use, and its insulation resistance value must not be less than 0.5m ﹐ otherwise, the welding machine must be dry

3. Check the reliability and accuracy of wiring. It is forbidden to use the shell of arc welding generator without reliable grounding

4. Several welding machines should be started one by one when they are working in the same homework

the price of the hand-propelled 190A single-phase diesel power generation welding machine is simple. The 190A power generation welding machine can only normally weld 3.2 welding rods. Dazawa power professional building 1 usually measures the actual performance of the experimental machine according to the most basic physical characteristics. The 90a hand-propelled self-propelled welding machine adopts dazawa's original 188f air-cooled diesel power, and can normally weld 4.0 welding rods. The welding results are good, and the input auxiliary power supply is stable. It has been working with gas companies and Sinopec for many times, PetroChina cooperates and obtains users' praise and support

190a manual self generating welding machine features:

six phase half wave rectification is adopted, with stable welding current, less splash and smooth weld crater

it can also supply exchange power generation, which is very suitable for the construction site as the power supply for electricity

light weight, small size, equipped with mobile wheels, safe and reliable, providing great convenience for construction

it is especially suitable for municipal emergency repair or field homework and other special environments

features of daniazawa power generation welding machine:

it is huge and easy to use, and it is an ideal choice for assembly homework. For example, employees change frequently

portable mobile rollers are used, which are easy to carry, such as on ladders or scaffolds

it is applicable to the construction site, with a wide range of input voltage, and can use longer electricity and work on the generator

excellent component/function ratio, double optimization of cooling system

the front and rear of the welding machine are made of engineering plastics, which are designed for ergonomics and have no edges and corners

has the function of overvoltage protection, ensuring the safe use. For example, when connected with 400V voltage, the welding machine will not be damaged. The price of the hand-propelled 190A single-phase diesel electric welding machine

[company name]: Shanghai oubao Industrial Co., Ltd.

[brand name]: danianze power

[sales manager]: Zhang Fanfan

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[company address]: No. Puwei Road, Zhuangxing Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai

Shanghai danieze Industry Co., Ltd. mainly produces sales generators and power generation welding machines. Over the years, daniaze has been adhering to high standards and strict requirements for production and quality at low cost, following the principle of price and quality for preservation and growth, valuing treaties, reputation and integrity, contacting advanced craftsmanship and testing skills, seeking refinement and benefit for quality, which has won a lot of customers' praise. Daniaze is based on quality, escorted by science and technology, and strives for long-term progress

daniazawa power company has strong scientific research, technical force and equipment advantages. It selects the world-renowned Japanese OHV engine as the original power. The four stroke generator of Japanese OHV engine increases fuel consumption by 30% compared with the same level; Equipped with excellent self excitation or permanent magnet motor, it can supply stable voltage anytime and anywhere. The testing methods are complete. All series of products have been identified by experts and hold national professional production licenses. The products have passed the IS09001:2000 international quality certification. In 2004, the company reached a new level in production scope, technology and production quality

precautions for disassembly and assembly of gasoline generator

(1) understand the assembly scope according to the inspection and maintenance objectives. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the sensor casually. Factor 1: the sensor is unloaded without leaving a position mark, so as to prevent damage to the machine parts and prolong the service life of the machine. Do not assemble components that do not need to be assembled

(2) before assembly, the task site should be cleaned and installed, the task desk and disassembly and assembly should be prepared, and the dust and oil stains on the outline of the machine should be cut off and cleaned

(3) the gasoline generator must be assembled in a precise pace and manner. Before assembly, you should carefully observe the connection style of the assembled parts and the relationship with the nearby parts, understand the pace and style of assembly, and prevent deliberate disassembly without remembering the hand position, so as to prevent the damage of the parts or the inability to reassemble after disassembly

(4) it is better to use kerosene and light diesel oil for washing machine parts (excluding electrical parts). Ethyl gasoline is harmful to human body and should not be used to wash machine parts. The problem we are facing now is the global dominance of China's manufacturing industry and the current situation that many countries rely on one market to solve waste and recycling problems. Ask professional technical engineers, and danizawa power will work sincerely for you

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