Price of pre delivery carton board and corrugated

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The CIRC of several major international companies requires insurance companies to submit the first batch of key new materials of the previous quarter to the development and Reform Department of the CIRC before the 15th day of the first month of each quarter, including insurance underwriting projects, premium income, insurance amount Compensation expenses and other relevant information. The price of cartons and corrugated base paper

American packaging company and Huihao company, George Pacific Company zigzag strength and modulus department and Tingbo Ailan company intend to raise the price of cartons and corrugated base paper by $50 per ton in the open market from June 1, 2018, which is the year of the implementation of the "1035" plan. If the price increase is implemented, it will be the second price increase of vacuum devices this year. The first price increase was in March and April, when the price of 42 pounds of unbleached kraft linerboard in the United States was increased by $45 per ton

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