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17kw diesel generator price/17kw double cylinder permanent magnet generator

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daniazawa power generator adopts the power technology of Japan's advanced predecessors; daniazawa power generator set has achieved the forefront of the industry in terms of quality and format. It has reliable production quality and excellent function. It is one of the most cutting-edge products in the world's uniform power generator set. The products sold by the manufacturer include small gasoline generator, household emergency generator, portable generator, digital variable frequency generator, Jiading Gasoline generator, outdoor generator, tourism generator, camping generator, diesel generator, power generation welding machine, Shanghai gasoline generator, etc

17kw diesel generator price/17kw double cylinder permanent magnet generator daniazawa power 17kw diesel generator to19000tsi silent generator set can be divided into box type, vehicle mounted type, and the noise level is below 70 dB. It is suitable for customers' requirements on noise. The vehicle mounted low-noise unit has strong mobility, applicability and agile power supply. It has been widely used in film and television production and municipal engineering construction. Because of its convenient movement and fast speed, it provides convenience for users to complete long-distance emergency power supply. Daniazawa power diesel generator set features: beautiful appearance, rain proof, dust-proof, etc. Containerized diesel generator sets follow the international standard container size design, which ensures that the units will not be damaged due to high-voltage load during transportation. Danianze power diesel generator sets Co., Ltd. mainly produces various generator sets and diesel generator sets. It is a professional manufacturer of diesel generator sets and generator sets in China, and sells gasoline, diesel generators, road cutting machines, gasoline Diesel power generation and welding, garden machinery, multi fuel generator, water pump, etc. Scope of supply: 650w-1000kw and other large power generators and various export series and special series diesel generator sets

[company name]: Shanghai oubao Industrial Co., Ltd.

[brand name]: Dania yeze power

[sales manager]: Zhang Lingling

[contact telephone style]:

[straight line landline machine]:

[email]: [email protected]


[company address]: No. Puwei Road, Zhuangxing Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai

[business style]: purchase and sales treaty pay treasure business

[business form]: transfer, Alipay, cash, check, swipe card

[about products]: including 17% value-added tax, excluding freight, and 24-hour logistics delivery in the world

[reason for recommendation]: the manufacturer's direct sales warranty lasts for one year and protects the world Lianbao for a lifetime. The export process function is stable

17kw diesel generator cost/17kw double cylinder permanent magnet generator parameters:

generator generator model model

item to19000tsi

generator type

generator type

rare earth permanent magnet motor

rare earth permanent magnet brushless motor

generator structure

generator layout brush motor



number of phases three phase/single phase

three phase/single phase

rat Ed speed (RPM)

additional speed 3000/3600

rated power (kw)

additional power 17

rated voltage (V)

additional voltage 230/400

max power (kw)

maximum input 17.5

power factor (COS)

power factor 0.9/1

rated frequency (Hz)

frequency 50

insulation class

insulation class F class

engine engine bore stroke (mmxmm)

cylinder diameter x stroke 80x79

displacement (L)

displacement 0.794

rated power (kw/rpm)

additional power 19kw/(3000)/20.5kw/(3600)

max torque (n.m/rpm)

maximum torque 59/(1600 ~ 1800)

starting mode

starting style electric starting

fuel consumption


fuel consumption rate/speed 295/3000 310/3600

lube capacity

oil volume 2.3L

lube brand

smooth oil trademark more than 20 (summer) sae30# 10 c~20 C (spring and Autumn) sae20#

-5~20 C (winter) sae10w30 -20~30 C (severe winter) Sae5w20

air filter type

air filter paper filter

paper filter

engine type

engine type fo major engineering construction projects such as the east transmission of Xi'an University of electronic science and technology and aerospace, ur cylinder, tow stroke, water cooling

four stroke, double cylinder, water-cooled, V-type Swirl type

fuel capacity (L)

fuel capacity 25

fuel brand

fuel type light diesel 0 (summer) -10 (winter) -30 (extreme cold)

noise (DB)

noise ≤ 65

whole machine lenthx widthX high

because Europe has the earliest manufacturing and processing industry in the world

length, width and height 1255m mx685mmx835mm

n.w (kg) Gross weight 290

price of 17kw diesel generator/17kw double cylinder permanent magnet generator there are many manufacturers of generators. Maybe you are considering using the generators there. The price there is relatively favorable. Your consideration is right, and we understand it. Reality  as a result, we buy machinery, not clothes. Clothes can be bought with poor quality, but the machinery is different. Machinery should be used for a long time. The capital in the early stage is also mutually correlated. Poor quality machinery: 1 noisy, 2 fuel consuming, 3 power motors are not original 4. There is no guarantee of after-sales service. However, it is also necessary for some entrepreneurs to determine whether the quality of machinery manufacturing is really proportional to the price. For example, danizawa power, we all put the quality of machinery in the first place, followed by the price, because the reliable quality of machinery will win the hearts of the people, and there will be more turn around customers, who will get a reputation that they can't buy for a lot of money. If you are willing, you must have something. The real good quality machinery is not our the final say, it depends on you to really appreciate it after you use it. Generator, the first choice is danizawa power. Since its inception, Shanghai danianze Industrial Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the development, scientific research, production, sales, maintenance and service of high-quality diesel/diesel generator sets, Our company adheres to the operation concept of "customer first, overcome Italy and make progress for a long time", and adheres to the principle of "customer first" to provide excellent after-sales services for the majority of customers. People from all walks of life are welcome to promote!

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