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National Audit Office: new energy vehicle enterprises "cheated" 1.6 billion

new energy vehicle enterprises "cheated" 1.6 billion. On June 23, Auditor General Hu Zejun disclosed the problems existing in the promotion of new energy vehicles in his audit report to the National People's Congress

the audit spot check found that some automobile production and marketing enterprises obtained financial subsidies of 1.672 billion yuan by means of self production and self purchase, supply of battery to buy back the whole vehicle, etc. It is noted that the amount of 1.672 billion yuan is not small, and the provincial counterpart funds of eight provinces in 2015 and 2016 were only 3.546 billion yuan

the amount of subsidies exceeds 70% of the price of electric buses.

the audit office also disclosed in detail the problems existing in the subsidies for new energy vehicles in the announcement issued synchronously yesterday

the announcement said that the subsidy standard for new energy vehicles was on the high side. At the same time, 6801 new energy vehicles from 13 automobile manufacturing enterprises enjoyed the spot check. With the opening bell of the 2014 aluminum exhibition, they were increasingly close to the new energy vehicles that were subsidized by the government, and the subsidy amount of 3511 electric buses exceeded 70% of the price of single vehicles

there are a lot of idle new energy vehicles and charging piles. According to the announcement of the National Audit Office, by the end of February 2017, among the 35500 new energy vehicles purchased by 16 enterprises, 2200 had not been used for more than one year, and 17200 had an annual mileage of less than 3000 kilometers. Among the 66 enterprises surveyed, 30 have annual sales of less than 500 vehicles

in recent years, policies have supported the development of new energy vehicles. The National Audit Office announced that the promotion of new energy vehicles has achieved results. In 2015 and 201, the German Aerospace Center found that in six years of experiments, the central government issued 24.391 billion yuan of subsidies for the promotion and application of energy-saving and new energy vehicles and subsidies for the construction and operation of charging infrastructure. On this basis, eight provinces arranged 3.546 billion yuan of provincial-level supporting funds. The total amount of promoting new energy vehicles and building charging piles in 18 provinces exceeded the total planned amount of these provinces by 2.5% Measurement range of experimental force: 2 ~ 100% FS (continuous full range measurement of FS sensor range) 1kn ~ 50kn20%

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