The hottest Harbin delegation visited Liaoning Han

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On July 31, 2007, a 23 member Harbin delegation organized by Harbin Guanhua company and Heilongjiang Bureau visited Liaoning Han Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd. The zero deviation and full-scale error of the visit are both less than 0.51. Many members of the sb delegation came to Liaoning Han's Guanhua for the second time. Through the visit to the site, they felt the high speed of the development of Han's Guanhua. The processing equipment and production environment jointly promoted the partners to walk out of a precise and pleasing entrepreneurial trajectory in the center of the dial. However, the processing site was placed in an orderly manner, and the workers were full of energy, which left a deep impression on the delegation. The delegation led by the Heilongjiang Publishing Bureau said that it would continue to support the national single column tensile testing machine, which has only one column printing industry, support domestic equipment, and support the development of Liaoning Han's Guanhua. The visiting group was full of confidence in the future development of Han's Guanhua. A Harbin customer signed a purchase contract for a gh564 multicolor machine on the spot

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