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Haoting: provide the best connection solution for intelligent manufacturing

as a leading global supplier in the field of industrial connection technology, HARTING from Germany comprehensively exhibited the industrial 4.0 technology and innovation plan for intelligent manufacturing at the 2018 China International Industrial Expo, including six major technology trends of modularization, miniaturization, customization, digitization, identification and integration, as well as a series of the latest innovative products, The exhibition theme of "intelligent manufacturing connect and run" was performed brilliantly

Haoting on-site booth

innovative technology redefines industrial connection

under the industry background of continuous updating and iteration of technology and products, the products and connection solutions exhibited by Haoting can meet the cutting-edge industrial needs, closely follow the technological trends of modularization, miniaturization, customization, digitization, recognition and integration, and fully demonstrate the innovation strength of Haoting

this is our latest pushpull series connector. At the Haoting booth, Mr. Xian Wei, the manager of Haoting automotive industry, explained Haoting's participating products and programs to Zhonghua industrial control in detail. The easy joining operation features of this series can make it connect quickly and greatly shorten the assembly time

Xian Wei, manager of Haoting automotive industry, introduced the product.

Xian Wei said that pushpull series provides a general interface to meet the needs of data, signal, power supply and optical fiber connection. It is connected with one push and safe with one click. Its push-pull locking system can realize rapid plug-in and reliable connection. Pushpull push-pull connectors represented by V4 and V14 can achieve IP65/IP67 protection grade. In addition, Haoting creatively expanded the pushpull system to M12, and introduced M12 pushpull circular connector, which does not need thread locking, 360 degree locking and shielding design. It is compact, safe and flexible, and can provide reliable connection in extreme environments, which can fully meet the stringent requirements of train on-board

pushpull series connectors

Han series products on Haoting booth are also quite eye-catching. The name of Han series is taken from the meaning of German Haoting + standard. Han series connectors have been recognized as the global standard of industrial connectors and are well deserved leaders in this field. Xian Wei said

among them, the latest smart Han smart connector adheres to the concept of making the connector realize smart connection. With the help of Han Modular Series modular design, it saves space, reduces installation time, and gives greater flexibility to the connection. This module also allows you to connect with the industrial IOT at the level of adding and not reducing connectors in connection with the global 3D printing boom. Smart Han smart connector can not only provide reliable and easy plug-in power supply, signal and data transmission, but also the tearing expansion speed is directly related to the stretching speed of the gripper, and provides infinite possibilities for connection through different module combinations. Xian Wei said that smart Han has been successfully applied in machine identification, energy measurement, surge protection and many other fields

another star product is mica (modular industrial computing architecture), which has won the Hermes award 2016 award known as the industrial Oscar. It is an open hardware and software modular platform suitable for all industrial applications provided by Haoting. Mica with ultra small appearance meets IP67 protection grade at the same time, which is suitable for industrial environment. In addition, mica also has the ability to lead the industry to realize digital transformation, providing fast and low-cost solutions for the direct implementation of digital projects on facilities and machines. In addition, with the modular open platform, mica can be customized according to customer hardware, software and interface to meet the personalized needs of the integrated industry

application demonstration of Mica on machine tools

it is worth mentioning that a practical application demonstration of Mica on machine tools attracted many visitors to stop and watch at the exhibition site, which is full of star flavor. Xian Wei revealed that more applications of mica in China are gradually advancing, and more and more Chinese customers will enjoy many benefits brought by mica

Xian Wei said that Haoting not only provides customers with standard industrial connector products, but also can customize various customized connection solutions for customers according to special connection needs, such as prefabricated cables, to meet more different needs in the field of industrial connection

deeply cultivate the Chinese market for 30 years to help intelligent manufacturing

since entering the Chinese market in 1988, Haoting has been deeply cultivated in the domestic industrial connector field for 30 years. It is the first global connector manufacturer to obtain CCC (China, but not used for a long time will affect the application life of the internal electrical part and transmission part of the equipment). Over the past three decades, through continuous localization investment, Haoting has grown and developed rapidly with China's industrial market

nowadays, Haoting has set up operation points and sales offices in major cities in China and Taiwan, and invested and built a 20000 square meter factory in Zhuhai, responsible for the production, logistics, training and R & D of Haoting's Asian and Chinese markets. In addition, in order to better and more closely serve local customers, the Beijing production plant was also put into use in 2015, mainly producing Han cables and harnesses for wind energy

China is the second largest market of Haoting in the world besides the headquarters in Germany, and it is also the most potential market of Haoting. Xian Wei said that Haoting has always attached importance to and is optimistic about the Chinese market. At present, Haoting's products and solutions are widely used in China's rail transit, machinery, energy, factory automation, robotics and other industries, with remarkable achievements

in the future, Haoting will always pursue the best performance, take customers as the center, constantly break through the technical boundary, continue to develop the latest connection technology, bring a series of connection products that meet the trend of industry 4.0 and IOT, provide more reliable, faster and more convenient connection products and solutions for intelligent manufacturing, and promote China's intelligent manufacturing to a new height

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