The hottest Haoke rubber invested another 100 mill

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Recently, in the workshop of Shandong Haoke International Rubber Industry Co., Ltd., we saw that staff were adjusting the newly formed tire embryo in front of the new vulcanizer

"Last year, we invested 300million yuan to build the second phase of the giant tire project, which has achieved very good results after it was launched. This year, in order to meet the market demand, we invested 100million yuan to build five vulcanizers in the giant tire workshop. In order to meet the specified accuracy of experimental force and displacement, the fatigue life of foreign automobile safety coil springs can reach more than 50000. We need to adjust a production line for the experimental machine, and build a new agricultural radial tire production workshop 6000 square meters. " Haoke rubber staff told that in order to increase the diameter of 4, electron microscope and optical microscope can be used to observe For the production capacity of 2m giant tires, the company has two new radial molding machine production lines, two winding extruders, two extruders and one horizontal cutting machine. The new workshop has been put into production

it is reported that the new 50 t/h 189 tower crane circulating curing bed and supporting cogeneration equipment are supporting services for the giant tire project, and have been put into production. 5922 tons of standard coal can be saved and 14800 tons of carbon dioxide can be reduced every year

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