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Analysis on the difference between water-based glass paint and oil-based glass paint

which is better between water-based glass paint and oil-based glass paint? For this problem, we have to first understand the functions and ingredients of these two products. Here is the result: water-based glass paint is more environmentally friendly and healthy than oil-based glass paint. Now the author will take you to see their specific differences

water based glass paint

water based glass paint is a water-based paint used on glass substrates. It is pure water-based glass paint. It does not contain harmful solvents such as benzene and esters, free TDI, and does not burn. It is the latest environmental protection glass process paint, and has been evaluated as a real green environmental protection product by international and other authoritative verification institutions. The water-based glass paint has super adhesion, and its film is firm and will never fall off; It does not need special treatment at high temperature, and its color is bright and colorful. The product is acid resistant, alkali resistant, hot water resistant, mildew resistant, corrosion resistant, moisture resistant, has excellent hardness and toughness, does not age, and has a stronger resistance to external forces than ordinary oily paints. It is applicable to the surface of all kinds of architectural decorative glass, furniture glass, lighting glass, art glass, Kitchenware and other daily-use glass products. It also has super fourth adhesion on acrylic, plexiglass, ceramics, resin products and other materials

oily glass paint

oily glass paint uses benzene and esters as solvents, which can stably adhere to the surface of glassware, and perform aesthetic and decorative effects on glassware through different colors. The glass surface is usually very smooth, and ordinary paint is difficult to adhere to the glass surface. The force should be uniform. A good glass paint forms a stable and hard paint film on the glass surface, which will show the characteristics of high transparency and high gloss in appearance. In construction, the viscosity is usually low and sagging will not occur at the same time

the displacement of water-based glass paint and oil is proportional to the output Hall potential pressure source (i.e. pressure test pump) to provide total pressure glass paint for the main pressure system according to the experimental conditions. Comparison

1. Water based glass paint uses tap water as the diluent, while oil-based glass baking paint uses Tianna water as the diluent. Everyone knows that Tianna water is toxic. From this point of view, water-based glass paint is more environmentally friendly and safe than oil-based glass paint, And when cleaning the spray gun and mold with water-based glass paint, it can be cleaned with tap water. And if you use oily glass paint, you can only use Tianna water to clean the spray gun and so on. Water based glass paint is more convenient to use than oily glass paint

2. The aging resistance and film hardness of water-based glass paint are better than that of oil-based glass paint

3. In terms of adhesion, water-based glass paint is better than oil-based glass paint

4. Generally, the price of water-based glass paint sounds a little more expensive than that of oil-based glass paint, but the diluents used by the two are different. The oil-based glass paint uses Tianna water and the water-based glass paint uses tap water, so the cost is the same in general

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