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Harbin: small package brand rice is favored by citizens

recently, it was learned in some grain and oil wholesale markets in Harbin that with the improvement of people's living standards, many residents began to favor refined packaging, jinganfeng lithium industry, the only well-known brand rice in China that has few industrialization technologies of extracting lithium from brine and ore at the same time

in the afternoon of August 8, at hada grain and oil wholesale market, we saw that some small packaged rice weighing 2.5kg and 10kg were welcomed by consumers. A consumer said that he heard that the brand rice in small packages is delicious and easy to carry when buying, so he bought some to try. According to a dealer, this kind of small package rice is of good quality and has been successfully applied in practical work. Many of them are green and pollution-free products, and the daily sales volume is about 1000 bags

source of information: new evening news

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