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Haoshouheng: sweat and flame make "glass craftsman"

nothing in the world is difficult, just afraid of the word "serious". As long as you make up your mind, persevere, and do it seriously, there is nothing you can't do well. Haoshouheng is relying on such a dedication and perseverance to shine in the "glass world" with his excellent skills

practice makes perfect.

recently, I walked into the glass blowing workshop of Huailai Tianyuan special glass Co., Ltd. at a glance, Hao Shouheng sat on the big chair, with his left hand deftly pushed the adhesive under the glass body at the top of the push rod onto the natural gas lamp to bake it evenly, and then quickly pulled it back. With his right hand, I picked up the pliers soaked in the water and pulled it at the red material. The part called "ting" appeared magically. The whole process, Skillful and smooth, one at a time

in 2012, with the unique lamp glass painting technology, Hao Shouheng joined Huailai Tianyuan special glass Co., Ltd. as a senior process technician and took root in the front line of lamp glass production

haoshouheng has never received systematic theoretical training in glass manufacturing. He became a senior process technician from an ordinary workshop worker, relying on continuous exploration and learning in the workshop for more than ten years

haoshouheng recalled the scene of taking the lead in a job. At that time, although it was hard to be an operator in the workshop, Hao Shouheng never thought of giving up. He used the break to come to other production lines, while observing and thinking about how to quickly, accurately and stably clamp the hot glassware and quickly adapt to work

"in fact, I don't have many tricks in my work, that is, practice makes perfect, willing to work, diligent, practical and not blind. In addition, I also need to use my brain and hands frequently, master working skills and sum up experience at work." After accumulating more than ten years of experience in glass production and operation, Hao Shouheng found Tianyuan special glass, which is more suitable for his own development

since entering the post, he has continuously studied the industry's advanced manufacturing technology assiduously and devoted himself to professional skills. On the basis of glass painting, through long-term research and focused on innovation, he has successfully solved the problem of finished product technology of transparent material spraying, which has greatly improved the company's glass processing technology. Over the past six years, it has developed nearly 1000 specifications of color painting and color spraying cigarette sets. Whether it's the design concept or the use of materials and colors, it has both artistic appreciation and practicality. The export orders are endless, and it is deeply loved by merchants in Europe, America, the Middle East and more than 30 countries. It has played a vital role in the healthy development of the company's lamp glass, going abroad and better exploring the international market

a craftsman who pursues details at heart

as a glass craftsman, Hao Shouheng always holds an attitude of pursuing perfection in glassware. In his opinion, only by taking a glass product as a work of art can we understand how meaningful it is to make the best of glass quality

with the 2022 Winter Olympics approaching, haoshouheng began to want to make some glass crafts related to the Winter Olympics sports. So he began to constantly observe people's various postures and expressions when skiing, such as straight sliding, plow smoothing, turning, braking, falling, sprinting Although Hao Shouheng is not a professional skier, every detail of skiing is deeply depicted in his mind, and then he makes a smart shape with glass through his hands

"he is very persistent. When making ski shaped glass products, he often watches him swing around on his workstation. There is something on the mold, in which the graphene composite manganese oxide catalyst and the new graphene based high efficiency air cathode are used to increase the power density of the single cell by 25% (see figure 1) Any minor problems will be corrected. Sometimes we think that a small defect will not affect the glass forming, but he said no, it must be corrected. " The words of colleagues proved Hao Shouheng's "craftsman heart"

"to make glass is to make details. If the details are not done well, the quality of products cannot be guaranteed." Hao Shouheng's persistent pursuit stems from his deep understanding of the work content. Only by paying attention to the details can we carefully carve out qualified products

at the end of September 2016, Kaiyuan Company and the public art academy of the National Academy of painting jointly held the "glass and ice - 2016 Tianyuan Glass Art Festival". During this period, haoshouheng, on behalf of the company, devoted himself to the design and creation of artistic works, and worked overtime to create artistic works with glass artists from all over the world day and night

his meticulous work, meticulous creation, and overcoming difficult problems one by one annotate his spirit of dedication, perseverance and fearlessness. In particular, the "black widow" and "descendants of the dragon", which took two days to complete, made a stunning appearance at the art festival, and received high praise in the field of world lamp glass art creation, winning wide praise from glass artists at home and abroad

Over the years, good professional ethics, superb skill level, rich practical experience and outstanding performance contributions have made haoshouheng the most respected "Haogong" in the eyes of the company's employees and the teacher of the employees

at the same time, Hao Shouheng also knew that "a single branch is not spring, and a hundred flowers bloom and spring fills the garden". While improving his personal skills, he was grateful and willing to be a ladder. In improving the overall process level of the workshop, haoshouheng actively offered advice and suggestions, was good at finding the shining points of ordinary workers, and selflessly taught all his skills to more employees

in the face of the actual problems of uneven overall level of local workers, short contact time with Lampman glass process and weak foundation, he taught them by words and deeds. 5. Before the operation of mortar tensile testing machine, please select the speed and confirm the load safety, and then guide and demonstrate again and again. From the safety measures for Lampman's gas use to the wire drawing and blowing of the process flow, he was patient to teach, cultivate and dig out a large number of technical experts The role model has also created huge economic and social benefits for the company

"Hao Gong's' craftsman spirit 'of being proficient in work, craftsman in mind, and good in practice constantly affects the employees around him. From him, the employees not only learned excellent technical skills, but also learned a rigorous working attitude and a high sense of responsibility, which is the precious wealth of the continuous development of our enterprise." Huailai Tianyuan special glass Co., Ltd. labor union chairman said

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