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Analysis on the development trend of China's vacuum packaging machinery industry

at present, the international packaging machinery market is highly competitive. The overall trend of the development of packaging machinery is to tend to be high-speed, efficient and high-quality. The development focus tends to be low energy consumption, light weight, compact structure, small space occupation, high efficiency, appearance and shape to adapt to the environment, so it also greatly reduces the cost expenditure, operators and environmental protection needs, and new alloy materials Polymer materials, composite materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and other new materials are also constantly promoted and applied. From the current development trend, the integration, intelligence and networking of food packaging machinery will become the mainstream of future development

According to the development analysis and investment potential research report of China's vacuum packaging machinery industry in, vacuum packaging machines have developed rapidly since polyester and polyethylene plastic films were successfully applied to commodity packaging in 1950. The United States is a country with a long history of packaging machinery development in the world. It has already formed an independent and complete packaging machinery system, and its variety and output rank first in the world. The automatic operation procedures in the United States have been applied to more advanced packaging. American enterprises are committed to seeking advantageous packaging with characteristics for the global 1. Warranty range market from the aspects of packaging materials, equipment, sales, etc. they are entering a new packaging world of mechatronics, laser scanning, radio frequency emission, nanotechnology and system simplification

as a packaging machinery producer in the world, Japan, second only to the United States, started relatively late, but its packaging equipment has undergone the research process of introduction, digestion and development. While absorbing foreign advantages, it has also been improved

Japanese packaging machinery manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, which mainly focus on two core technologies: one is to apply computer technology to the packaging field, and the other is to develop advanced packaging machinery. After the production of packaging machinery and equipment, Japan will also test the safety, sanitation and energy conservation of packaging machinery while carrying out standard testing of production products

compared with the United States and Japan, the domestic packaging machinery in terms of technology is mainly reflected in the large gap between control technology and product reliability, the slow update speed of domestic packaging machinery technology, and the narrow promotion scope of new technology, new materials and new processes. From the overall development level of domestic packaging machinery industry, there is a large gap with developed countries. In terms of the products of packaging machinery, domestic packaging machinery and equipment lack high-precision and large-scale packaging machinery products, and the level of technical equipment is low, the equipment is old, the efficiency is low, and the accuracy is poor. These disadvantages make domestic packaging machinery enterprises lack competitiveness in international shopping malls

if domestic packaging machinery enterprises want to have new development, they must actively introduce talents and produce marketable products while increasing scientific research funds. At present, the rapid development of domestic packaging machinery during the third and third strong pressure mainly depends on the huge domestic market demand. If domestic packaging machinery enterprises want to develop in a longer term, they must base themselves on the present and solve the current problems of backward technology and insufficient funds

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