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Harbin Institute of technology successfully developed a new type of packaging film with low temperature and high shrinkage

Zhonghan science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. of Harbin Institute of technology successfully developed a new type of vacuum packaging film and bag for raw meat food with low temperature (83 ~ 85 ℃, instant) and high shrinkage, which was introduced to the market at the beginning of the year. This vacuum film is the first one in China. The verification point should be selected according to the criterion that is approximately equal to 10%, 5%, 2%, 1%, 0.5%, 0.2% and 0.1% of the upper limit of measurement. The torque value until the lower limit of measurement should stop supplementing the verification record. Its index has reached the level of similar foreign products. It is mainly applicable to the preservation and refrigeration of raw meat such as beef, sheep and other technological means (torque method, corner method and yield point method) which are indirect methods, It can also be used for the packaging of aquatic products and industrial products

the packaging film is made of nylon as the main component, polyolefin copolymer and adhesive through five-layer coextrusion and two-stage biaxial stretching. According to the experimental request, the low-temperature high shrinkage film obtained by correctly setting the operating parameters of the experiment can effectively block oxygen, prevent pollution, and extend the fresh-keeping period of the packaged goods. The product has high barrier performance, high shrinkage, soft hand feel, high transparency, and is not easy to frost and fog in the packaging bag, which makes consumers have a good visual sense and overcomes the whitening and blackening caused by air in the general packaging film. And good printing performance, easy to stick trademarks

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