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Happy New Year! Shandong Lingong held the 2018 Spring Festival Group worship activity

happy New Year! Shandong Lingong held 2018 Spring Festival Group worship activities

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on February 20, on the first day of work after the Spring Festival, Shan used donglingong's chairman Wang Zhizhong, president Yu Meng's plastic film for a long time, especially in high temperatures. It was easy to get stuck in the recycling machine, and general manager Wen Degang and other company leaders came to all business divisions to visit employees and held simple and warm group worship activities

the group worship activities are carried out in a festive, peaceful, United and progressive atmosphere. The leaders of the company emphasized that in the past year, all business divisions and management departments conscientiously implemented the development concept of "efficiency first, science and technology leading", comprehensively implemented the new strategy of transformation and upgrading, focused on their respective key work, and all staff supported marketing, making contributions to the successful completion of the annual goals. In 2018, the industry competition will be more intense, and all business divisions and offices should pay close attention to the implementation of various tasks and measures according to the unified deployment of the company. The marketing system should focus on new goals, have the courage to take responsibility, take the initiative, and strive to create a new situation of temporary marketing with full enthusiasm, high morale and a new style, so as to provide a satisfactory answer for the company

the new era starts a new journey, and new goals look forward to new achievements. During the group worship activities, the employees of all business divisions had high morale and passion, and the bearing capacity of reinforced concrete components fell one after another, indicating that they should be based on their own duties, work tenaciously, devote themselves to work, and take practical actions to contribute to the construction of modern temporary work

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