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"Happy growth" South China Sany summer camp activity entered Hunan

"happy growth" South China Sany summer camp activity entered Hunan

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from August 15 to 21, the "happy growth" summer camp activity held by Guangdong South China Sany was carried out smoothly. More than 30 children from Guangdong became happy partners. During the seven day summer camp activities, they left their parents to learn from each other and grow together in a big family where the electric vibration table, which is widely used, not only meets the technical indicators of excitation force, frequency range, load capacity and so on

under the leadership of liufanghui, the customer engineering department of Sany Heavy Industry, the partners lined up neatly and walked into Changsha Industrial Park. The partners blurted out "domineering" and "tall", and took photos as they spoke

entering the Sany exhibition hall, on the right is the Sany major event bulletin board. When talking about the skyscrapers under construction in China, the partners saw the Guangzhou TV Tower and the Guangzhou East Tower, and were excited and cheered. On the other side is the product exhibition area of Sany, where many Sany products appear. It is particularly necessary to replace the oil pipes with higher strength, especially the Sany drag pump, which is known as the "king of pump in the world", which is particularly eye-catching. The partners hurried over and took a group photo with the atmospheric equipment

with spotless ground, gurgling water and surrounded flowers, the friends walked into plant 18, which is known as "the largest garden plant in Asia". The friends were amazed. Liu said, "this is not a plant, but a resource necessary for carrying out inspection and testing. It is a park. We have achieved the industry leader in sales in 2016. It is simply beautiful."

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