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Harbin art paint baking Studio provides paint repair art services for cars

Harbin timely provides financial support for it. Erbin art paint baking Studio provides paint repair art services for cars

April 10, 2008

[China paint information] with the progress of the times, we can get in touch with suppliers in time. With the development of cars, the application of automotive paint to ul859 modification is about to become the mainstream of modification. Art baking paint is very common in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and other developed countries. The first thing many people do after buying a car is to personalize the car, especially the paint

in China, due to the increasing popularity of private cars and the loosening of national vehicle control policies, the general environment required by this industry has been quite mature. Many car owners want to make their cars full of personality (eager to see art works that meet their personality appear on the paint of their cars). The Linlin art paint baking studio in Harbin complies with the market demand and launches the art paint baking project, which not only meets the needs of car owners, but also injects new connotation into the automotive aftermarket

many customers are very fond of artistic baking varnish, but they are afraid that the design of large areas is too publicized. In view of this situation, our studio has specially launched many local artistic baking varnish, such as the fuel tank cover of cars, and the materials and processes used in the front machine will also make corresponding adjustment device covers. Attract customers' attention with a very exquisite small picture. Some customers' cars have been accidentally knocked off a small area of paint blocks or deep scratches. They can also use art baking paint to carry out artistic processing at the damage, draw a vivid small animal or a very beautiful pattern, which not only has a certain aesthetic feeling, but also repairs the car paint surface, killing two birds with one stone

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