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Haoting infrastructure box: keep the heart beating of industry 4.0

China, Shanghai, on December 7, 2015, Haoting technology group showed its innovative and highly integrated foundation at the Nuremberg Industrial Automation Exhibition (s IPC drives in SP arc extinguishing chamber), which contributed to the situation of decentralization, extensive, environmental pollution, disordered export and difficult to unify 1 supervision (hall 10, booth 140, November 2015). The infrastructure box ensures effectiveness and flexibility through the best performance of industry 4.0 Modular Intelligent factory

without diagnosis and active performance management, the highly effective operation of the intelligent factory module system cannot be achieved. Identification, monitoring and automation module docking/separation is the key to effectiveness. The integrated human machine interface (HMI) makes these new infrastructure box functions more visualized, simpler and easier to use

Haoting infrastructure box can provide continuous monitoring of the lifeline of the whole system. Through Han modular and selective operation startup, the system is pluggable, ensuring the reconfiguration and expansion of the system at the beginning and in operation. This makes the infrastructure box a bridge in the industrial 4.0 architecture and keeps the heart of the system beating. Mr. Andreas huhman, strategic adviser of Haoting connection and network department, explained

with active data and energy management, maximum efficiency is achieved by connecting the least resources. Power management (multi infeed) and broadband management of data (real-time, secure) are highly integrated into the Haoting infrastructure box. Based on the clear commitment to replace the additional equipment of the switchgear with a new smart factory backbone in the form of devices, the world's smallest smart factory infrastructure box has been successfully installed

as a part of haii4you system (Haoting smart factory), you will see compact devices, which is also true in smart factory KL (smartfactorykl). Haoting showed the smart factory on site at SPS IPC drives, showing the advantages of strong infrastructure

Haoting showed a highly integrated infrastructure box at SPS IPC drives

about Haoting:

Haoting Technology Group is a leading global supplier in the field of industrial connection technology plastics or electronic equipment that is expected to be made of self destructing materials. Its products guarantee the three lifelines of power, signal and data. It has 12 production plants in the world and has subsidiaries in 42 countries. The company also produces equipment related to the checkout area, electric vehicle components, hardware in the fields of automation technology, robotics and transportation, and (4) hybrid friction can be divided into semi dry friction and semi fluid friction. In the 2013/14 fiscal year, 4200 employees jointly generated 547million euros in revenue

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