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Harbin axis held a talent strategy work conference to speed up development

Harbin axis held a talent strategy work conference to speed up development

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Introduction: on the afternoon of May 5, the company held a 2011 Harbin axis talent strategy work conference in the large conference room of the office building. Company leaders and party and government leaders of all units attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Pang Jun, chairman and general manager of the company; Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the company Zhuxiuli, chairman of the labor union, read out the company's "about...

in the afternoon of May 5, the company held the 2011 Harbin axis talent strategy working meeting in the large conference room of the office building. The company's leaders and party and government leaders of all units attended the meeting.

the meeting was presided over by Pang Jun, chairman and general manager of the company; zhuxiuli, Secretary of the company's Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the labor union, read out the company's" about "innovation, transcendence, post success" at the meeting Talent strategy implementation plan; Zhongjibin, Secretary of the Party committee of the company, delivered a speech on the talent work of the company at present and in the future

Zhong Jibin pointed out in his speech that the company held a talent strategy work conference, mainly under the guidance of the important thought of "Three Represents" and the scientific concept of development, conscientiously implemented the spirit of the national and municipal talent work conference, further studied, planned and deployed the company's current and future talent work at a new starting point, and strived to achieve new breakthroughs in the use of talent, the introduction of talent, and the training of talent, Provide more powerful organizational guarantee and talent support for accelerating the construction of Xinha axle with the growth of automobile production and sales, and promoting the good development, rapid development and great development of enterprises

Zhong Jibin pointed out that the implementation of talent strategy is an urgent requirement to speed up the development of enterprises under the new situation. From the perspective of enterprise development prospects, talent work is facing unprecedented development opportunities; From the current situation of the existing team, the talent problem has become a bottleneck restricting the development of enterprises; From the reality of talent work, we should strive to narrow the gap with advanced enterprises

we should take capacity-building as the core and spare no effort to promote the construction of enterprise talent team. Strengthen the construction of management personnel, strengthen the construction of professional and technical personnel, and improve the overall quality of the staff

we should update our ideas, improve measures, and strive to achieve a virtuous circle of talents. Update the management concept and promote employees to "innovate, surpass and become talents". Improve the talent mechanism to maximize the benefits of human resources. Develop human resources and realize a virtuous circle of talents

we should strengthen leadership, conscientiously implement it, and strive to create a new situation in talent work. Strengthen leadership, establish and improve the leadership system for talent work. Innovate training and vigorously promote the optimization of human resources. People oriented, and strive to create a good environment for talents to stand out

Zhong Jibin stressed that the times call for talents, and development needs talents. All cadres and employees of the company should hold high the banner of scientific development in the journey of "becoming a world-class high-end bearing supplier", thoroughly implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee and the national and municipal talent work conferences, vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents, and cultivate and cultivate a talent team that "uses science and technology and innovation to make the world operate more safely and efficiently", Strive to create a new situation in which enterprises have a large number of talents

Pang Jun, chairman and general manager of Harbin axle company, made a speech on implementing the spirit of this meeting and put forward specific requirements. Pang Jun pointed out that this meeting is very important. It can be said that it is of groundbreaking significance in the history of Harbin axis, marking that the company's talent work has entered a new stage of comprehensive development and full promotion

Pang Jun requires all units to cultivate lean talents with the concept of lean. This is the responsibility of leaders at all levels of the company. There is a saying in Toyota that "the key to manufacturing products is to cultivate talents", which means that in order to successfully achieve lean production, we must pay attention to the development of talents and cultivate leaders who are capable of promoting continuous improvement. Therefore, the task of the company is not only to manufacture bearings, but also to shape people. Every development and design, every quality inspection, and every improvement measure are opportunities to cultivate and promote enterprise employees. Toyota's philosophy is: there are no unqualified students, only unqualified teachers. Leaders at all levels must make every effort to help all employees constantly surpass and achieve post success. You know, the main value of lean production is to cultivate employees who can solve problems and achieve improvement. Every leading cadre should be a good teacher to help employees grow into talents. Only when subordinates succeed can leaders succeed

we should firmly cultivate the confidence of talents with the belief of "ten years of trees and a hundred years of people". We should not rush for success in cultivating talents. We should be willing to spend time and energy on cultivating reserve talents. Only when everyone has firm confidence, can employees' abilities be developed to varying degrees. Among all the talents of a person, the packaging and testing industry, especially the paper products packaging and testing instruments, can also be said to have ushered in a good development prospect. Talent accounts for only 10%, and the remaining 90% is to obtain a higher spot price through learning and continuous practice

we should formulate a practical talent training plan with a pragmatic style. Everything is difficult at the beginning. "Meticulous planning and preparation" are the two most important things for Toyota to succeed. Suggest and ask everyone to spend more time planning and preparation. From now on, the root test piece pressure of each unit is specified as 0.98mpa. According to the talent strategic deployment of the company, carefully analyze the current human resources of the unit, and consider the goals that the unit will achieve in the future, the human resources it needs, and how to obtain these resources? Formulate a three to five-year echelon talent training plan to fundamentally solve the problem of talent shortage

Pang Jun finally stressed that strengthening the construction of talent team and accelerating the pace of talent development is the political responsibility of Party organizations and leading cadres at all levels of the company. All levels of the company should take this meeting as an opportunity to further solve ideas, forge ahead, be realistic and pragmatic, work hard, strive to create a new situation of enterprise talent work, and strive to realize the enterprise development strategy and beautiful vision

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