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Haozhi electromechanical plans to acquire infrar group, a well-known European industrial automation enterprise, for 200million yuan. Haozhi electromechanical announced on the morning of the 22nd that the company plans to transfer 100% shares of infrar holding SA (hereinafter referred to as infrar group) and Bleu indim SA (hereinafter referred to as Bleu indim company) held by Perrot Duval with its own funds and funds raised according to law, The estimated transaction price is between 30million and 35million Swiss francs (equivalent to about 200million yuan to 240million yuan)

infranor group is a well-known European provider of industrial automation solutions. Its main products include servo motors, drives, electronic signal amplifiers and numerical control systems. Bleu indim owns land and an industrial building located in a de la mogoda, Santa perpetu experimental machine fixture with stable performance in Spain, and leases it to a subsidiary of infranor group. In addition, there is no other business

the announcement said that after the completion of this acquisition, the company can make full use of the advanced technology and experience of infranor group in the fields of motor and drive to promote the research and development and performance upgrading of the company's spindle, turntable, reducer and other products, and through systematic research and development and effective combination with infranor group's motion control products, Improve the company's ability to provide a package of functional component products and ★ experimental process to equipment manufacturers, which can realize the service ability of imitating and reproducing personalized solutions, and improve the core competitiveness of the company's business. In addition, the company will speed up the business development of its products in overseas markets with the help of infranor group's worldwide marketing network, rich customer accumulation and good market pressure

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