France ranks first in bottled mineral water produc

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According to the statistical report jointly released by the international natural mineral water resources group and the European natural mineral water resources alliance, France produced 9686 billion liters of bottled mineral water in 2002 in a situation similar to the stock rise and fall curve, making it the world's largest producer of mineral water

norm more comprehensive al> Germany ranks second after France, with a bottled mineral water output of 8840 billion liters. Italy ranks third, with an output of 8374 billion liters; Spain's output was 4375 billion liters, ranking fourth

normal> in terms of per capita drinking volume, Italy was the country with the largest consumption of mineral water in the world in 2002, with a per capita consumption of 190 liters of mineral water; France was second, with 141 liters of per capita consumption; Belgium ranks third, with per capita consumption of 135 liters; Then Germany (113.7 liters) and Switzerland (104 liters)

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