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Sanyang robot vows to be the "Foxconn" of the robot body [text/PAN Minyao] Sanyang robot is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanyang technology, a listed company on the new third board. Founded in 2004, Sanyang technology was listed on the new third board on March 30, 2015, opening a precedent for Shunde enterprises to use the national OTC capital market for financing. In June 2015, Sanyang robot came into being

Sanyang robot has invested more than 20million in processing equipment in the past two years, and has many international advanced equipment, such as Mazak, Cincinnati horizontal processing center, Sadik slow wire walking, for the production of robot body; Hexcon coordinate measuring instrument is used for inspection and measurement, which ensures that the accessories and tools that ensure the service performance of the body 4 and the experimental machine should be supplied with the accuracy of processing accessories at random in today's world with serious white pollution and global plastic ban

at present, the product load of Sanyang robot covers 3kg~20kg, and the arm span is 600mm~1800mm. It is used in the 3C industry, the automation application of machine tools, stamping, loading and unloading, grinding, welding, painting and other processes, especially the applications that have considerable requirements for accuracy and need to use visual solutions, such as laser welding or laser cutting, which are temporarily monopolized by foreign well-known brands

Sanyang robot focuses on ontology. Facing ontology manufacturers, integrators and end customers, it is willing to be OEM and ODM. Its small ambition is to be "Foxconn" of robot ontology

in the selection of 2018 senior engineer Golden Globe Award, Sanyang robot and syr008 hj1450 competed for the award of good product (body) six axis robot category

on December, 2018, the "Li Yuanheng • 2018 senior robot annual conference and Astro robot • senior Golden Globe Award Ceremony" organized by senior robot will be held at Venus Royal Hotel (Bao'an Shajing) in Shenzhen. At present, the Golden Globe Award of senior engineer has entered the voting stage, and the selection time is from November 11 to November 25

, vote for Sanyang robot

specifically, the key structure and details of Sanyang robot can be summarized into four advantages and two technology integration

part layout advantages. The rigorous wiring core component assembly mode makes it thinner than the arm of the same level. Even if it is installed in a narrow space for use, the possibility of collision between the robot arm and surrounding equipment can be controlled to a minimum

advantages of sealing structure. The standard type with sealed structure can be used safely even in the environment with floating dust or oil mist

load structure advantage. With the characteristics of large wrist load capacity, the rated load is 6kg and the maximum load is 8kg, which can easily correspond to the operation that needs to carry multiple workpieces

application installation advantages. The same is not conducive to the accurate evaluation of the fatigue life of the experimental belt. The lighter part of the robot can be easily installed inside the processing machine or installed by the top crane

servo technology integration. Through the use of high rigid arms and the most cutting-edge servo control technology, even high-speed movements will not produce shaking, and high-speed and smooth movement performance is achieved, according to the exhibition organizers

conduit cable integration. The sensor cable, additional shaft cable, solenoid valve, air duct and i/o used to control tools are integrated into the arm, so that the duct and cable will not wrap around the arm, greatly improving the ease of use

among them, the maximum load of syr008 hj1450 six axis robot is 8kg, the maximum radius of motion is 1.45 meters, and its TCP (absolute coordinate accuracy) is as high as 0 22mm, hollow design, stable and accurate, has reached the international advanced level, but the medium price of domestic robots is adopted

The trajectory of

syr008-hj1450 runs more accurately and faster. In the application of trajectory, continuous and reliable accuracy is indispensable. Therefore, Sanyang robot introduces advanced controller, which enables the robot to work with extremely high trajectory accuracy and extremely fast speed

syr008-hj1450 can complete various welding processes, including bubble welding, argon arc welding, laser welding, etc. it has been successively applied to the welding of household appliances, furniture, hardware and other industries, and the domestic well-known robot body enterprises require ODM production for it

it is worth mentioning that on the eve of the 2018 industrial robot welding competition of Nanning Vocational School, the skill masters of Sanyang robot trained the contestants. The training items included nine items, including basic operation of Sanyang robot, robot coordinate system setting, robot programming, etc. the training time was three days, of which the welding robot used by students during the training was provided by Sanyang robot

this school enterprise cooperation aims to investigate the programming, operation and robot welding process level of the contestants; Create a platform for robot welding technology exchange and cooperation in vocational schools, cultivate high-quality skilled talents with practical ability and innovation ability, further meet the diversified needs of the industrial manufacturing field, and promote the development process of "automation informatization intellectualization" of modern manufacturing industry

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